Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been gathered in a one stop shop format for ease of use for all RVS staff. If you don't find the answer you are looking for please email your question to for clarification.

Can we deploy ios apps that require in-app purchases?

I would like to move to an online newsletter, what are my options?

Do I need to get approval to use a cool new webtool that my teachers found for free online?

How do I get a facebook page for my school?

What form do I need to use to post a video of our school’s Christmas performance?

FP013 (upated to AF 180-C) Permanent Consent for Public Use of Student Images/Work

Should I allow parents and student to “friend” me on facebook?

What requirements do I need to be aware of for my teacher folder on Plone?

I want to build a class webpage? What technologies are available to me?

Can I upload student work to an APP?

I have my courses in Moodle, why do I need to have a Plone page as well?

I would like to upload information for my students to access online for my Science class. Where should I upload this?

Which email should I use to correspond with Parents/Students/Staff?

What forms do I need to have signed prior to posting my students work on the internet?

I would like to have a classroom blog, what do I need to do?

I would like to post pictures of the Mother’s Day Tea to our school website, what forms do I need to have signed?

I have a video of a group of students working together to build a project. What forms do I need to have signed before I can post this on our school YouTube account?

Is Web 2.0 a Bad Thing

If students only use last initial do we need to complete a PIA?

If students access Web 2.0 tools or apps on their own while at school, are their teachers liable for their actions?

What is the difference between WEB 2.0 tools and Google Apps?

What could happen if I use a Web 2.0 tool that requires the transfer of data and I don’t complete the Web 2.0 Guidelines to do this?

Why do I need to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)?

What is Section 33(c) of the FOIP Act and why is this important to me?

Are we concerned about data being stored on American servers?

What is Personal Information?

What is the process for submitting a PIA?

Why are we concerned with FOIP as Educators?

What is a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Do I need to follow the Guidelines every time I want to use a Web 2.0 tool?

What is Web 2.0?


This site can be used by schools to:
1: search for tools that have been reviewed for privacy impact and either "accepted" or "not accepted"
2: put forward a request to complete a PIA review for a specific tool or service
3: to learn more about what & how tools are being used in Rocky View Schools

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