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All schools within Rocky View are required to have an internal process for reviewing/vetting and managing IOS APPS. After a school decides which apps they are going to deploy, they may need to request a “Privacy Impact Assessment” (PIA) for a specific app.  These specific requests are made using the process steps listed on this site….

Each year a committee should be established at the school level that is tasked with determining which IOS Apps are going to be purchased and maintained on the shared devices.  The committee should consider; impact on learning, infrastructure demands, policies, procedures, and compliance processes, and professional learning requirements. The committee should also determine a schedule for reviewing and uploading apps so school resources can be used efficiently.

Please remember that IOS apps that contain “In App” purchases CANNOT be managed on shared devices. Learn More



This site can be used by schools to:
1: search for tools that have been reviewed for privacy impact and either "accepted" or "not accepted"
2: put forward a request to complete a PIA review for a specific tool or service
3: to learn more about what & how tools are being used in Rocky View Schools

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