Site Purpose


*(updated December 8, 2020) At this time we are recommending that staff do not introduce any new technologies in the classroom. However, if no other options currently exist in either supported RVS tools, or tools listed here, new tools may be submitted. Non-supported tools from this site that are already in use in your classroom can continue to be used.

The use of any new tools from this site require parental permission.  Please ensure you have parents sign and return form AF-180-D (Consent for Use of Non-Supported RVS Technologies) and if necessary AF144-A  (Consent for Public Use of Student Images/Work) This can be a digital copy or image of completed form. *

This site has been designed as a resource for Rocky View Schools staff and students.  The information provided is intended to guide and support teachers when making decisions around appropriate use of technology.  Rocky View staff are encouraged to review the tools listed on this site but must ensure they follow the steps listed in the Non-Supported Technology procedure.    

Please note that this site only contains reviews on tools that require a “transfer of personal information” and have been submitted for approval. A transfer of personal information includes signing in with an rvschools Gmail account. Tools already listed were approved based on the submitted case use. Any deviance from conditions approved in that case use would need to be submitted for additional approvals.

Schools are using many other unsupported tools and apps that store information locally on the device or do not collect student information. These tools will not be found on this site. However, as part of the process outlined in this site, administrators and teachers must read the privacy policies and terms of use for any unsupported tool to determine how the tool is accessed by students before using. If it is determined that no transfer of student information occurs then the process does not have to proceed. Parents do need to be informed of any use of unsupported RVS tools.

As these tools are unsupported by RVS, any technical issues arising from the use of said tools will not receive priority and may not be able to be rectified. 



Steps to Follow


By following these steps when vetting a web-based technology in Rocky View Schools, you are helping create and maintain safe/secure learning environments for all RVS students.


Accepted Technologies

Accepted Technologies
Tools that are hosted outside the RVS infrastructure and have been flagged as “accepted with condition” on this website, are only “accepted” when all listed conditions are met. (Notes in the Tool Status section)  This is only one part of the approval process and teachers/administrators must complete all process steps and comply to the guidelines listed in the Non-Supported Technology procedure.

This site can be used by schools to:

1: search for tools that have been vetted and either “accepted” or “not accepted”
2: put forward a request to review a specific tool or service
3: to learn more about how tools are being used in Rocky View

This site can not be used to:

1: bypass the Non-Supported Technology Procedure


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Can it be used in my class/school?

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