I would like to move to an online newsletter, what are my options?


Mail Chimp offers a very nice email newsletter option.  It is easy to use, allows self management for subscribers, eliminating management of email lists, and provides a nice clean readable newsletter for parents, students and staff.


Another option would be adding newsletter information to a page on your website, instead of uploading a pdf to your website that people have to download.  A news item linking to the page notifies people from the home page that there is something new, this link can also be emailed to parents.

The Rocky View WordPress servers also contain a plugin that helps manage workflow and can be used to manage a blog style newsletter that has student authors. A teacher can assign tasks to students and setup a calendar to track posts and publish edited work.


Any newsletter that is published online must be saved in a .pdf and forwarded to RM (Margie Miller) for filing.

In March 2013, we had a FOIP Complaint filed by a parent involving two schools. One that published a newsletter online with mail chimp and the other that published in paper format and posted on-line. The Complaint investigation revolved around the parent not being notified that a certain test would be administered at a certain time. The school that published in paper and online could supply 3 months of newsletters to the Privacy Commissioner which proved that notification had been sent home and published so that the parent should have been aware of the situation. The school that published online with mail chimp could supply articles but because no .pdf was saved, there was no proof these articles were published on a certain date. I therefore think it should be mandatory that all online mail chimp publishing of newsletter be saved in .pdf format and sent to Margie for filing in HPRM/TRIM.

This was an unofficial recommendation from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s investigator.




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November 4, 2014

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