How do I get a facebook page for my school?

Considering a Facebook Page?

Principals wanting to set up Facebook pages for their school should follow the process outlined below. It should be noted that RVS recognizes school websites as the primary source of public information. Facebook pages are an optional and secondary source.  All public information should be posted first and foremost on the school website.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Principals need to be their facebook page primary “Administrator” – and will be able to specify additional administrators for the page. To set up a page they need to:

  1. Request RVS’ Communication Department (abergshoeff) to establish a facebook pages under RVS’ account
  2. Create a facebook account using their rvschools or groupwise email, separate from their personal account to manage the school’s page (Facebook email notifications will/can be sent to this account).
  3. Once the account is created, follow the page link emailed to them by Communications, and like the page. Once they have liked the Page, Communications can add the principal as an administrator of the page, and will notify the principal once this process is complete.
  4. If the principal would like to add other administrators to the page, they would need to follow the same process.

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November 4, 2014

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