Can I upload student work to an APP?

The same guidelines apply for uploading any student information/work to an app as to the internet.   Be very aware of the Copyright Act.  A student owns their work and publishing it online can cause this work to the copied, changed or stolen etc.  FP013  (Updated to AF 180-C ) Permanent Consent for Public Use of Student Images/Work must be completed if the app stores personal information to a server outside of  Rocky View Schools infrastructure and/or displays the artifact in a public space.  ( please take the time to understand where the app is storing information and how it is being used… some app’s require accounts to be created that contain personal information, some store information on servers outside of canada, some app’s terms of service even state that the service provider owns any posted content and can using it freely..)

Refer to Procedure C Use of Student Images/Work on the Internet



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November 4, 2014

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