Process for getting a Non-Supported educational technology accepted in RVS

  1. Review the supported tools that are already provided by Rocky View Schools
  2. Review the non-supported tools that have been accepted by Rocky View Schools to gain a better understanding of what tools are getting accepted / rejected and the reasons behind the decision.
  3. Download and complete the PIA planning form (below)  as a school team to see if the proposed tool is worth vetting. ( consider  the 5 dimensions of LTPF, Digital Citizenship, FOIP and review the what permissions forms are in place)
  4. Complete the “Online Form”. (below)
  5. Wait for up to 15 days for the tool to be reviewed  (some tools may require more that 15 days and you will be notified that this tool has been added to a “pending” list for further review.
  6. Follow procedures for informing parents and filing paperwork  ( AF 180-C AF 180-D  RUA )


This site can be used by schools to:
1: search for tools that have been reviewed for privacy impact and either "accepted" or "not accepted"
2: put forward a request to complete a PIA review for a specific tool or service
3: to learn more about what & how tools are being used in Rocky View Schools

Tool Requests

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