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MIT App Inventor

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This program allows students to design and program applications that can be published and downloaded onto android devices. The android emulator allows students to test their apps on the computer while working, so that an android device (like a cell phone or tablet) does not have to be brought in from home,

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Email address

Use of collected information
Yes: The collection of information is limited to that which is needed for the identified purpose. The host site does not collect any extra information for other possible uses.

Student data source

NO: There is not third party advertising listed in the websites terms of service

NO: There is not a way to track (audit) student use of this tool.

Privacy and Security
YES: The privacy policy has been checked to ensure that privacy and security requirements are met by the tool.

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Tool status = Accepted with Conditions

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Students sign in with rvschools email.  MIT does not collect any data or have any access to the data. “MIT has no access to your Google account or the information you provide for it other than the account email address, which we may use to contact you”.
Students should not participate in forums or post their apps on the site as these are public domains. In profile settings students can set an username that should not be their real name.

“Keep personal info private. Your projects on the Site are private unless you share them. But all other information is public. Many people choose to guard their privacy by never using their real names in posts, and never posting contact information like phone numbers or addresses, and we encourage you to do likewise. Young people, especially, should be careful about placing personal information on the Site.”

Parents will need to sign form  AF-180-D (Consent for Use of Non-Supported RVS Technologies) before students can use the service.

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