MyBluePrint – Class Pass IOS app

Tool Name
Class Pass

Tool Description

Class Pass is a companion app for All About Me that makes it incredibly easy for students, or their teachers, to capture evidence of learning with pictures, videos, audio recordings, drawings, and journals, in real time, even with only one iPad or iPhone in the classroom.

Tool URL

Use of collected information
Yes: The collection of information is limited to that which is needed for the identified purpose. The host site does not collect any extra information for other possible uses.

Student data source
Teacher or student

NO: There is not third party advertising listed in the websites terms of service

YES: There is a way to track (audit) student use of this tool.

Privacy and Security
YES: The privacy policy has been checked to ensure that privacy and security requirements are met by the tool.

Review committee information

Tool status = Accepted with Conditions

Notes =

Teacher must adhere to the  License agreement for MyBluePrint
Parents will need to have signed RVS form AF 180-C and AF 180-D and MyBlue Agreement.

The app only works for schools that have a subscription to MyBluePrint.