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CAREERinsite (web-based)

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CAREERinsite is your one-stop guide to career planning. Everything you need to plan your work and learning is here.

Career planning is the ongoing process of thinking about your life and work, based on your skills, interests and dreams. It’s more than a one-time thing you do when you finish school. It’s a way of looking at life and work that can help you make decisions and take positive steps forward.

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Yes: The collection of information is limited to that which is needed for the identified purpose. The host site does not collect any extra information for other possible uses.

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NO: There is not third party advertising listed in the websites terms of service

NO: There is not a way to track (audit) student use of this tool.

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YES: The privacy policy has been checked to ensure that privacy and security requirements are met by the tool.

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Teachers directing students to this resource must review the terms of service with the students. If personal information is going to be provide then AF 180-D must be signed and filed.

Terms of Use
In order to use CAREERinsite, you must first agree with the Terms of Use. If you do not understand the Terms of Use, contact with any questions. You may not use CAREERinsite if you do not accept the Terms of Use.

By checking “I agree”, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use:

I will use this site for its stated purpose only.
I will limit entry of personal information about myself or others to only that required to complete My Career Plan (i.e. it is NOT necessary to enter your real name, age, address, home address, city, school name, phone number, postal code, or other personal information to use this site)
I will not enter content containing inappropriate content, which is offensive, illegal, obscene, discourteous, harassing or sexually explicit.
I will not enter confidential third party information, including any proprietary information about a business, without the owner’s consent.
I am either the sole owner of all the rights in the material I enter; or I have the right by license; or have cited the source appropriately; or have permission to enter this material in a site such as this site.
I agree not to enter content unless I have the express written consent of the copyright holder or have cited the source appropriately.
I will not use this site to impersonate someone.
I am solely responsible for the entries I make.
The Government of Alberta is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, reliability or currency of any content and recommendations made available through this site. Results are for career planning purposes only; consult a career planning professional when making career planning choices.
Your account may be disabled or its content may be edited or removed if it fails to comply with the Terms of Use or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
Your registration information will be available to site administrators only.

Personal Information
The personal information collected on this form is collected under the authority of section 33(c), and is managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information is being collected to facilitate the retention on the system of your career plan for your ongoing usage and to ensure and to gain an understanding of the demographic using this site. Please contact the Alberta Learning Information Service at or the ALIS Team Lead at 780-422-5315 if you have any questions regarding the collection or use of the information you submit.

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