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ChatterHigh provides a daily 9 minute activity that allows students to discover post-secondary and career opportunities, build health & financial literacy and engage them with Provincial Graduation Transition requirements. The site is currently only available for use in BC and Alberta, Canada. The site can be used by Planning 10 or CALM teachers in the classroom or as an assignment as it is PIPA compliant and ad-free, and it is useful for any parent, teacher or student in the school to do. It also is no cost to the school. This engagement is done in the form of a 10 question informative quiz, where students are provided with a link to the exact web page where they can find the answer. Questions in the quiz are randomly assigned. Questions are supplied by appropriate post-secondary institutions and community organizations and are reviewed by ChatterHigh to ensure they align with the BC Planning 10 Prescribed Learning Outcomes A1-6, B2, 3, 5, C1, 7-9 & D2. Teachers can create class reports if they wish to provide incentive for students reaching a certain number of correct answers.

There is a point & reward system for doing the quiz. Points are used to win individual prizes but in particular can be donated to ‘Make Change’. Donating points converts to funds that ChatterHigh donates to Free The Children! (Top donors can be viewed here: Free The Children recognize this effort for students earning their way to We Day. This will be particularly useful for those students who prefer to work quietly in the background. Prizes are donated by various organizations. Prizes won in draws or redeemed for in the ‘Cafeteria’ are sent to the school, often to a teacher or counselor contact, to be passed on to the participant. The gender, grade, first name and last initial requested for in signing up are used to help the school identify the winning participant. Mailing addresses are requested from participants registered as ‘Alumni’ or ‘Friend-of’ only for the purpose of sending their prize, as they may not live in the school region.

A moderated Discussion Forum allows students to ask questions directly to the post-secondary recruiter, without providing personal contact information. Links to all post-secondary institutions are also listed. Post-secondary institutions with a presence in the Forum will have a red ‘ask the expert’ button provided in their questions, to facilitate the connection when a participant wishes to learn more about something they just discovered.

At certain times during the year, schools may be invited to competitions on ChatterHigh. The daily activity remains the same, with schools raising funds through the activity. Some schools have had their philanthropy club or graduation committee lead the school effort, with funds raised used to support their initiatives. I had the pleasure to be the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony for Spectrum Community School, in Victoria, BC, in 2012 following the incredible efforts of 111 parents, 30 teachers and 505 students to raise $3000 through ChatterHigh towards grad that year. Their effort garnered positive media attention during a challenging year for BC schools.

The site is being prepared as a resource for other Canadian Provinces and also some American States. Our hope is that this not only supports the local awareness of programs and careers for participants, but also an increased awareness of ‘what is out there’ in other regions as well.

Feedback from educators using the site in the classroom is very positive and often highlights the discovery that both student and teacher make of programs and institutions that they were not aware existed, that the site provides equal access to all students (e.g. students with mobility challenges find this easier than a career fair) and that students have actively inquired about the prerequisite courses they must have as a result of something they have discovered. This tool is designed with educators in mind so please provide feedback about your experience! We are always learning too.


Lee Taal

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